The Associates offers a program for developing basketball skills and sportsmanship for boys and girls starting at the pre-kindergarten level and continuing through high school.

Our program starts at the instructional level with pre-kindergarten through 3rd graders learning and practicing fundamentals. They do not participate in a league, but play in a few “friendship” jamborees. League roster teams are formed for 4th grade through high school and consists of two leagues--the Nikkei Youth Basketball Association (NYBA) and the Asian Community Basketball Association (ACBA). In addition, we have open tournament teams for the 5th through 12th grades that compete in tournaments outside of the league and high school seasons.

Summer League

The Associates Summer League is for players in 4th through 8th grades. Priority is given to Associates but it is also open to non-members. The players are assigned to mixed-grade teams and will play games at JCCCNC according to the league schedule. The Summer League teams are coached by Associates upper middle school and high school members.

Summer League gives our youth athletes an opportunity to play for fun and make new friends. It also provides an opportunity for community service and the development of leadership skills for our older Associates members and to introduce the Associates organization to prospective members.

Summer League & Clinic Applications:

How do I join?

Membership application for basketball program can be downloaded here. Please complete the membership application and return with the required fee to the address on the application.

To find out more detailed information regarding Associates Basketball, please contact us.

12th Grade Boys Open
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D-American 5th Grade
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