Joint Tournament

Joint Tournament

Each year in partnership with the San Francisco Enchantées, the Associates hold a joint tournament in the Spring. Boys and girls from grades 6th through the 12th participate. Teams throughout the Bay Area are invited to take part in a great weekend filled with competitive games, sportsmanship, good will and friendship.

The goal of the Joint Tournament is to provide young athletes an opportunity to play basketball in an environment that fosters teamwork, sportsmanship, respect for teammates and competitors, in a healthy competitive spirit. Today so much emphasis is put on winning in the game of sports, but through this joint effort the hope of having fun playing for the love of the game is emphasized.

Tournament Forms

General Information

Date: May 7 & 8, 2022
Entry Fee: $475.00 per team (Please make checks payable to: SF Associates)
Deadlines: January 7, 2022 - Entry fee and team roster (April 11, 2022 – Last day for any revisions to the roster)
Joint Tournament Chair: Christi Chow (
Division Coordinators: Please refer to invitation for email addresses


Associates Coordinators

  • 12th Grade Boys: Sherry Kawaguchi, Rae Tokushige
  • 11th Grade Boys: Elaine Leong
  • 10th Grade Boys: Christi Chow, Terrena Miller
  • 9th Grade Boys: Davina Wong, Marie Lee
  • 9th Grade Girls: Bruce Hom, Yuko Tsuchiya
  • 8th Grade Boys: Derek Lau, Goldie Liu
  • 8th Grade Girls: Masako Saunders, Gloria Chew, Aya Raymond
  • 7th Grade: Margie Cabrera-Scarlata
  • 7th Grade Girls: Melissa Jong-Yip, Melissa Chan, Tim Shen
  • 6th Grade Boys: Joelle Matsuura
  • 6th Grade Girls: Robyn Lee